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October 05, 2017


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Laura Ingalls Gunn

Oh, I like where this room is going!!! I had to laugh because I went back and forth, do I do this? No, I'm too busy. Then Stacey read me a quote "walk to your fear". May we both be successful! I can't wait to see your reveal!


Oh yay!! I love to see your brilliant mind at work. I did see some of those garden seats at HomeGoods awhile back so you might check there.

The Fetching Georgian

I LOVE the garden stools! In fact, I used the exact pair for my ORC spring challenge this year on my patio. I am happy to share that the MOST cost effective source for those stunners is Amazon. I had no issue with an cracks or inferior quality. They were a fraction of the cost versus several other outlets. Just wanted to give a heads up and pass along my findings in the spirit of the great ORC! Also, every part of your living room plans are perfection.

Ricki Jill Treleaven

Love the rug, so you were off to a smashing start at the top of the post! Everything is pretty!!!! :D

Ann Reynolds

Hey, I got 3 if those ceramic round barrel type garden tables. One is white, one blue and one white/blue. I'm willing to part with them really, REALLY cheap only for you! Was going to put them in the Highway 80 garage sale. Let me know if you are interested and I can bring them to you when we come in for a SMU game. Would love for someone I know to have them and help you out with the ORC.

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