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April 21, 2016


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Weather is always a risk factor when doing an outdoor space. I've been hearing about the flooding in Texas - it's horrendous. Hopefully the rain will ease up for you and the rest of the state!


We have had so much rain and it's true there is more to arrive. I have been awakened at 4:00 a.m. the last few mornings to these wild storms.
I hope it will at least ease up enough that you can work on your project. I can see that your yard is lush, pretty and so green.
Thank you for sharing with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.


What is the name of the black floral fabric? I love it


I'm grateful for the rain but feeling soggy too. Your fabrics are adorable! I know your backyard will turn out great. Joyce and I are going to show up on your doorstep one day. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Your fabrics are just fantastic. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

Lisa @ferncreekcottage

I hope things dry out for your reveal! That new fabric is so fun and cheery!


Yikes, you're backyard looks like mine. Add two big dogs to the mix and you get a patio full of mud. But yes, we are blessed to not be as in bad of shape as others.
Love that fabric! I think I see a trip to JoAnn's in my future! I was trying to refresh my pato too but the rain stopped that for now. It will be hot and sunny soon enough though. Whatever you get done, at least you will have gotten off to a great start!


Love those fabrics together...what a great find! Sorry you've had so much trouble with the weather...you weren't kidding about drama in the One Room Challenge! Sending you wishes for a dry spell this next week!



Beautiful fabrics! I wish we had a Joann's nearby. I shop there when I go south of the border and always leave with arms full of bags and head full of ideas. I look forward to your reveal.


I love that outdoor fabric! What a great find! It will look so pretty outside and I love it with your pillow! Great pattern mixing!


That fabric is so gorgeous!

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