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December 10, 2013


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Katie M.

I know what you mean. I am so over the icy roads. Everything looks so adorable in your Christmas kitchen. I need to see your little kitty shelters.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

It must be so warm and cozy in your kitchen with all the cooking and baking going on, Andrea! You are using all those things you bought, right? : ) I am behind a bit, too, because of our frozen Tundra. I hate driving in this weather, but it looks like I'm going to have to suck it up and just get out there!


LOVE the Christmas baking station! You always find the cutest things! I could bake all day surrounded by all of that cuteness! I missed out on all of the wintry weather. My hubby sent pics of the trees in the neighborhood. Lots of broken branches. It's pretty to look at; but, wow, the mess it created.


Oh wow, I am in love with your baking center....the color of the cabinets, the knob....your stove and all the gorgeous holiday décor.

Love it!


It may be cold outside but your kitchen looks so festive and cozy!!


What a great little baking center! I have a stool just like that, except it is green.


Looks like Christmas has arrived at your house. Lovely!!

Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

Andrea, I love your baking center! No wonder you want to showcase your new spatula and wisk-they are so cute mixed in with your other utensils! Every time I come to your blog, I always admire your shelves. They are on my want list.


What a cute nook you have created! I love it! And you are so sweet for taking care of your wildlife!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me

What a great space for baking and so colorful! Great dutch oven, love that red color. $30.00 is a great price, lucky you! Cute space!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

It is 20 degrees in Western Pa. But it is expected here. The weather is crazy for you to have cold like this in Texas. And the ice storm...horrible. I have been through a few and while a little ice is one thing a major ice storm is quite another.

Well enjoy the baking ! Cute set-up there for the holidays...very festive :)

Jane B

I'm just a little north of you in Carrollton and got out for the 1st time yesterday evening - brrrr!
Love your kitchen. I'm not a blogger just a grandma who loves reading the blogs and living vicariously through bloggers ;)
I saw that red dutch oven at our Aldi's and debated on it too long - went back the next day and both were gone!
Merry Christmas.

The Tablescaper

This is adorable! Love all of the little touches.

- The Tablescaper

Cindy @ Applestone Cottage

You have such a cozy, colorful and fun kitchen!
I love your baking center and new apron.
And from someone who actually lives in the real frozen tundra, our high today will be zero. Our wind chill last night was 28 below zero. It is truly mind numbing.

betty walls

What a sweet & cherry post. LOVE it!


Your kitchen is SO charming decorated for Christmas. I love your stove, btw! I want one like that if our stove every breaks down. LOL! I didn't know that Aldi sells housewares. I thought they only sold groceries. Hmmmm.....may have to check it out. There is one in the next town over from me. Love your cute apron too. I agree it is fun to cook with an apron on. I usually only think to wear one if I'm frying something though so I don't get grease on my clothes. Have a fun day shopping. It is very cold here today too. We woke up to frost on the ground and the grass was crunchy.

Ricki Jill Treleaven

Seriously, your Christmas baking station should be in the Christmas edition of a magazine….

LOVE the Joy utensil holder, spatula, and whisk. LOVE the little ribbons on the canisters, too!!!

Super post. :D

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

It was a frosty 28 degrees in ATL today!! Your Christmas baking station is super cute! I have to get some of those cute cupcake baking cups. We made cupcakes last week and used Halloween ones - I was all out of Christmas ones. Very cute spatula too!


Baby it IS cold outside...and yukky today too!! I'm glad to see the rain, but rain+cold+Christmas errands is not a good equation!!!
Your kitchen is wonderful...I just wish I could roost on the red stool, eat a few cookies and visit with you for a blissful hour!!
Blessings to you,


Andrea, you always have such cute decorations and it is nice seeing the traditional colors used.


Oh how darling Andrea...I am on my way! I love all cookies so we can have some fun in your kitchen. LOVE it, so so so cute.

Debbie Crivello

I adore your bake corner....so cozy.




I am baking and might just set out my cute little Christmas cupcake papers - love the JOY tin.

I went a little crazy at Cost Plus last week. It is easy to go crazy there.

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