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July 19, 2013


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What a hoot,
I was enjoying a nice glass of wine the other night, I went into the kitchen and when I came back one of the doxies had just finished it up for me. He looked at me and licked his chops as if to say,"could you give me a refill"?


We are in very sad mode at our house having put our 14 year old dog, Dorje, to sleep yesterday. The cats, who were not invited and not loved by Dorje (believe me it was mutual) have taken it upon themselves to be our caretakers today. Lollie has been talking to my husband all morning. Last night, as I sat reading on the window seat, Bear would not leave my side. The cats are usually exactly where they shouldn't be, but today they are putting their needs on the back burner and just loving us.

By not invited, I mean that my son loves to get animals and then change his living situation. All 3 animals were his, but quickly became ours.

Lesley Walker

Oh Bless! Cats are the most wonderful creatures in the world. We don't have a cat at the moment as we doquite a lot of travelling, but we do look after our neighbours' when they go on holiday.The only problem is, this is a cat with attitude... and is called 'Adolph!' Can you imagine standinf in your doorway yelling 'Hey Adolph, it's time for breakfast' Luckily they don't leave their dog with us (Marx) or all the reptiles (no idea what they are called, and i'm a bit scared to ask. lol. blessings

Kim @ Vintage Pretties

I love it! My sister's cat "updates" her facebook account occasionally when she is away from her laptop.


Those little stinkers! But cute! Cats are so beautiful and so funny too. Thanks for sharing this.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

lisa lynn

Awww, cute little kitties...and they look so innocent!l

Yvonne @ StoneGable

How cute! Don't you love cats curiosity! They are adorable!


Well, who is in charge here? The cats of course! Such cute little puddy tats should have all access to everything.


This post reminds me so much of my 3 cats! They're always somewhere where they shouldn't be. I hate when they jump on the kitchen table. Clementine is famous for that. Watch out if I have a freshly washed and ironed tablecloth on the table...she loves to jump up on the table and then roll all around! That's why most of the time, my table is pretty much bare, lol. BTW, your cats are so pretty!


Isn't that what kitties are supposed do be doing?


I can so relate to this post! My two cats are often where they are not supposed to be too. Thanks for the photos of your cute kitties!

The French Hens Nest

Very cute post! I love those beautiful cats! I love all cats! I really love my cat, Marigold!

Linda at The French Hens Nest


Our new kitten does all of this. Her name is Cindy Lou. She is little and I am afraid of her getting in the dishwasher.

Lisa at Texas Decor

I had to click on your post when I saw the cute kitty in the pic!! I love cats, I've had them my whole life. :) These pics sure put a smile on my face. My cat Holly is just as guilty. We continually find her in "forbidden" places. LOL! They're just so cute, you can't get mad at them. :) Thanks for sharing these pics, I loved them!


hahaha I have a Minnie cat of my own and she loves to jump on everything as well!!


Oh, bless those cutie pies brought a smile to my face.....the one on the dishwasher door made me laugh out loud!! Thanks for that!!! They are just the best creatures ever.....my black cat, Sam, used to nap on top of the refrigerator, guess it was warm up there, but certainly made me jump right out of my shoes when I walked in the room!!!

must love junk

LOVE this!! Our 2 always find the most awkward, inappropriate places to be!
Yours are adorable :)

Lynda Shoup

Hilarious post! You've got a great sense of humor and lovely cats. I especially liked the cat napping on the dishwasher door.

the cape on the corner

aww, so cute! I love cats. I got one of those drying mats that is supposed to absorb the water from the dishes...it's also super soft. guess who thinks it's a bed for them when there aren't dishes drying on it. silly cats!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day

Haha!! I love it!!!
My cats NEVER get on the kitchen counter (wish I could say I trained them)...but they sure like to check out every other spot in the house and make it theirs!
Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

Debra @ Homespun

hahahahahaha same here :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven

Hmmm....I wonder what happened to my comment? Odd!

Anyway....these cats are too funny. My favorite picture is the one napping on the dishwasher! So helpful when your trying to load/unload...hahahah!

I really needed to laugh this morning. It has been a trying week, and your participation in My Happy List has meant so much to me. Thank-you.

Have a wonderful weekend!



So funny. I have always had cats until three years ago and now just Miss Bailey, the dog. Cats do get in the strangest places. My last cat loved to sit in the bathroom sink when he was young and have the water turned on lightly running over him. He would just start drinking it. He got in our Christmas tree twice and knocked it over. Cats are just so curious.

Julie @ Lilacs & Longhorns

I love your kitties! A home just isn't a home without a cat. :)


Those are hilarious!!! Princess Posie would be right there with them. Poor hubster has been known to pick a cathair off the tablecloth before he eats his
breakfast :^( I use the sticky roller on it, but one or two hairs usually escape me!!
Cats are the best entertainers in the world!!
Blessings to you,


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