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May 14, 2013


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Oh my gosh! I love your neighbors and their many many red geraniums. Love love! How lucky for you to get neighbors who care for their place so much. That's what all home owners hope for. I can imagine the inside is beautiful too. Do you know them well enough that they would share the inside?

Can't wait to see what you are up to. I always love to see your outside projects. Hasn't the weather been just perfect? I'm hoping we have rain tomorrow. :)

Brenda Kula

Wow! That should be a magazine spread!


I love geraniums! that is awesome, I'm off to the nursery!


That is just stunning! I love the way he used one color through out... makes such a splash!!!

It's so funny to see that geraniums are "spring" flowers by you - here it's still too cold to put them in!!!!

Thanks for sharing your neighbor's garden and I'm looking forward to seeing yours!


At Rivercrest Cottage

this is how my dream house looks in my mind. You're so lucky to live next door.


So beautiful :)Its so interesting how plants react differently to different climates. Here in So Cal those geraniums would last years and years.

Nita {ModVintageLife}

Oh...my...gosh!!!!! I wish this was next door to me! It is beyond gorgeous! You need to take a photo every time he changes it. It is soooooo pretty. I am so jealous. My yard is still a mess.

Carol Cook

I definitely have garden envy. Retirement is just 23 days away. I wonder if can come anywhere close with my garden?

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and From Harvest To Table

What a beautiful garden your neighbor has! Looking forward to seeing yours.

Nancy Mueller

I think your neighbor's garden is beautiful, and I am sure yours will be too.....
I look forward to yours....

Athena at Minerva's Garden

Hi Andrea: Pretty geraniums! They really stand out with all the green he has on the walls--lovely. I wonder if he winters all those geraniums over? That's what I do, but it does take a bit of room and lights indoors to make it happen. Looking forward to seeing your garden, too!


Absolutely stunning!!



Andrea, this is so pretty! I love red geraniums; but, you're right. Once we get past Spring, they just can't handle the heat. After all of this rain we're getting tonight, I am sure that they are going to be even more beautiful!


What beautiful landscaping your neighbor has - beautiful house, too!


Andrea, I adore geraniums. I grow mine in our garden that gets filtered light. They don't bloom like these, but they do perform. I plant white because my shade garden is mostly greens with white blooms. Love, love, love these red. I would stare at this lovely garden all day. Wow, what a wonderful garden to have next door. You get all the visual pleasure without any of the work. Ha! ~ Sarah

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