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February 01, 2013


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Nita {ModVintageLife}

Oh...such a pretty little girl! She is gorgeous. Going to Canton this weekend...I'm so jealous!!!! Sounds like so much fun. I hope the two cats learn to love each other soon.

Leslie J

She sure is pretty!! Glad she has a new loving home!


Oh she's a beauty! They may never become best friends but will tolerate each other.


Oh she is such a beautiful little girl! I love cats. My husband said it is either him or a cat... hmmm...some days I think I would choose a cat! lol. We have a Cavalier King Charles who is 10 lbs...her name is Ginger as well! Hope your kitties become best buddies!


I'm not a cat person - but wow, she's a little bundle of adorable!!!!
Hope she adjusts to her new home and "roommates" without a hitch!


Mary @ Ms. Redo

She's a beauty for sure, hope the two kitties learn to like each other. Saw your link at A Favorite Thing, thanks for sharing with us.


just cats

She's so lovely. You have taken some beautiful photos of her. I always think that a perfect photograph can only improve by adding a feline. I hope she has a long and happy life with you. Deb

Judy Clark

What a sweet little girl she is. I bet they will become friends slowly but surely.


Cottage Sweet Cottage

What a beauty she is!!!


Dewena Callis

Ginger is very photogenic! Hope the two settle into buddies soon.


Hi Andrea, she is so adorable, we have 2 black cats and we enjoy them all the time...well except at night time when they think they own the bed and kick us out..if you find it in your heart, I would love for you to stop by my friend Arod's party at Makin My Apt a Home. She is a new blogger and has this wonderful party on Friday's called Furry Friends Fridays and this post is just perfect for the party. She would love to see sweet Ginger! here is her link http://www.makinmyaptahome.com/2013/02/furry-friends-friday-5.html Thank You so much for posting...have a beautiful weekend


Ginger is so cute!! I bet both kitties will be great friends before too long.

An Enchanted Cottage

Oh, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! How exciting for you. I'm sure she and your other fur baby will be friends before long. If not friends, at least tolerate each other!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage


She is quite lovely! Your pictures are fantastic! I read your blog the other day and was WONDERING if this surprise was going to be a pup or kitty.....she's really a treasure!


What a beautiful girl, i'm sure they will become the best of friends, how cute is that she comes running every time you reach for your IPhone :)


Ah, Ginger is a sweet girl! You are so blessed to have each other! Hopefully the two kitties will become best of friends. Have a delightful weekend. Bess


How sweet! So glad she found two good homes! The pictures of her in front of the floral pillows are great!!

The Tablescaper

She is beautiful!Lucky for her to have found a wonderful new home.

- The Tablescaper


Cats are the best. :-) Have a nice weekend. Regula

Judy Neumann

What a beautiful little girl, Andrea. So precious, reminds me of our little Maggie. Hopefully the two cats will bond eventually..Happy Saturday..Judy

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic

She's a real beauty! I love her serious expression and big eyes!

Regena Fickes

She is really beautiful. I am so happy she was a loving comapnion til the end. Animals are so grand for someone living alone. She looks as if she has many life secrets to share.


She's a beautiful cat and how wonderful that she got lucky twice in her life and was given a good home!


She's absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous face!

Thanks for joining in this week.



What a gorgeous kitty!!! She is just stunning--and it's so good that she has a loving home again with you. I hope your resident feline adjusts and accepts her very soon :-)


She is gorgeous ~ and you can tell she's a sweetie.


Oh! Ginger is lovely, so precious! Congratulations on your new family member!

Jan K

I love petite cats...she is beautiful! I had to put down my sweet tonkinese 14 year old cat last fall and I miss her. My husband also says no more cats, but we'll see :-) We still have our boxer, so in time, in time.

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! My staff sends their regards...especially Baby Kitty who wants to know if she is single! lol I love the way she runs to be photographed! Baby Kitty does that, too...he's a natural-born ham! I hope your kitties become friends...or tolerate each other at least...very soon! Do you ever watch My Cat from Hell? He says to feed the new cat last to reassure the older cat that it's OK...still the favorite! Keep us posted!...hugs...Debbie


A beautiful addition to your lovely cottage is sweet Ginger! How blessed you mum-in-law was to have been found by such a lovely companion...it is cats that find us, never the other way around ;)
I'm sure in time the two cats will become friends...or at least be politely tolerable to each other!
Pleased to make your acquaintance via Mockingbird Hill Cottage :)

Manuela@a cultivated nest

She's beautiful! Very photogenic!


She's gorgeous. She reminds of my Lucy - all fur and tiny little frame (Lucy's only 5 lbs) but she LOVES having her picture taken too.


She's so beautiful! It's really nice that you guys took her in. She looks like a real sweetie!


Simply adorable!


Do you know she's a Maine Coon? At least she certainly looks like one. You should check out how much kittens go for! Very price-y!! My daughters brought us home a stray about 12 years ago. Tiniest little kitten ever. Couldn't even hold up her tail. It was so long, it just dragged behind her. Your cat is very beautiful. Love her colouring and her eyes.

Maid Service Austin

Wow! Ginger is so cute! I hope they'll be friends very soon . :)


What a sweet girl, she is. And what a perfect name. I hope she and your other cat become friends soon. Such a happy ending for her story.

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

Andrea, she's gorgeous! I think she may be at least part Maine Coon cat, as my Clyde was. He was light as a feather, quite tall, but weighed next to nothing. They are very smart cats. They tend to walk with you like a dog. I would so love to have a cat that looked like her! (Google Maine Coon cats and see if she fits the description of personality, etc.)


I'm in love! I found a semi-feral girl who I named Felicity. She was a joy!
God bless you and your beautiful friend!



Glynis Maruk

I would love to know how they have settled in with one another. I have two and adopted (or he me) yet another, but the new kitty has yet to come face to face with the others.

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Bless you and your kind heart. Your post made me smile. LOVE cats and the people who love them, too.

Farmgirl Susan

Ha, you're right! She does look like our new cat - but Ginger has better ears. :) She's darling, though she does have that Hellion look about her. ;)

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Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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