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December 17, 2012


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Judy Clark

Andrea - A beautiful post. Makes us all realize that we have gotten so far away from the true meaning of Christmas.

Your cabinet is gorgeous - love all of the white tureens. I have a collection of those also. But then, what don't I have a collection of? ha

Blessings to you and your family.



Andrea, what a sweet post. The past few days have put a lot of things into perspective for a lot of us! We are just enjoying our girls being home; and they are just as happy to be here! Your decor looks great; and all of those little things really don't matter! Just enjoy your family!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Nicely said, Andrea! And finished or not, I think your cabinet looks beautiful.


Beautiful post Andrea! Christmas Blessings to you my friend, Gail

Katie Mansfield

Love the crack in the arch and the snowflake "camouflage". The tragedy Friday puts it all in perspective doesn't it? Enjoy your family.

SwedishCornerDownUnder... Pernilla

Very festive! Happy Holidays :) Seasons Greetings from Australia ~Pernilla

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

Perfectly and eloquently said, Andrea. It is all so very sad and senseless.


Very festive and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Happy Holidays and Warm Seasons Greetings from Singapore~Sanghamitra.

Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls

Condolences on the passing of Maurie's mom. She sounds like a loving and giving lady. I know she is sorely missed.
Your home looks lovely. Homes that are "perfect" are not very comfy, to my way of thinking. Who cares if the top is unfinished, or if there is a crack? What is important is the love that fills your home. Put those things aside, and just enjoy. Time is so short, let's not waste it in the pursuit of perfection, when happiness is so much more important! Blessings and joy.


Great post. Truthfully, I like the cabinet with the orangey looking top and I don't even see the crack you are talking about. I prefer bloggers to be real and show warts and all, it's easier for the rest of us. I have posted pictures of myself with no make-up and crying even with the most unflattering look on my face, but it's real. We do have so much to be thankful for. My heart goes out to all those mama's whose babies are not coming home, it's just unbelievable. We have no idea what they are dealing with right now, it's so very sad. Sending love and prayers their way...


A beautiful heartfelt post. Prayers with you and your family as you'll be missing that wonderful mom and grandmother and of course all of our prayers and a piece of our heart are in Newtown this week.

Don't you worry about your wall cracks. Christmas is here every year and when my family descends I figure they are lucky that I cleaned the bathroom! :) No one ever looks at anything but the FOOD come dinner time anyway :)


So sorry to hear of your recent loss.
Your hutch looks very festive even if it's not completed yet!


Stopping by from Kim's, you have some really pretty soup tureens. I so wish I had a place to display, been on the lookout for a hutch for a while. Sorry about Maurie's Mom. Hope you have a good holiday!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

I love your wonderful display with the tureens, so pretty, what a great idea. I so agree with you, God Bless and may you have the best Christmas ever. Hugs, Marty


I am so glad I found you tonight. This is just what I needed hear. It made me tear up. I have been stressing out because I haven't had time. You are so right. It just doesn’t matter...like the hutch. You just have to make the choice to see the pretty snowflake and everything else falls into place. I REALLY needed this reminder tonight. New follower!

Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co.

When things are orderly and beautiful, it gives us a sense of peace. Very true with these photos.

Great job - just beautiful.

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