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July 30, 2012


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Brenda Kula-Pruitt

WOW! I had no idea you could do this. I'm checking it out right now, even though I can't go out. You lucky girl you! I so love that piece, and the inlaid sections inside of the doors are really pretty! Thanks for joining, Andrea!


How exciting! I have never heard of Freecycle, and it sounds like a wonderful program! My favorite color is red!!! Adore you armoire and would certainly like a change a snagging something link that, plus I have things that need to be done away with!

Thanks for the information.

Dixie Redmond

WOW! I adore that red armoire. Good find!

The Farmer's Daughter

What a wonderful idea! I haven't heard of Freecycle either--but it sounds great! Love the red--my favorite color for accent. . .


Love the FREE armoire. And, the wash boiler does look great on top. Thanks for giving me the 'shout out'. I'm old enough to remember the good old days, so am full of useless info!! Enjoy your new treasures. Sally

Glenda Childers

What a stunning piece and free ... how cool.



Your armoire is gorgeous! ! I haven't heard of Freecycle either! But I just checked it out and it is in our area! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information!


wow.. Free.. thats spectacular. I am thrilled for you~!


Free! OH, my this is a wonderful armoire and it looks so huge! I'm very proud for you and the way your dressed her up - gorgeous! :)
Have fun and I wish I could get some Free! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Love Freecycle.

Cool tassels.

Must love junk

Andrea, are you kidding me?? That armoire is amazing! I've heard of free cycle but didn't know you could get stuff like that! I definitely have to check it out...thanks for sharing!

west furniture revival

great deal! I have something similar to this one that i paid 400 for. i converted the inside to shelves and i keep my linen's in there


I am a free cycle a holic :) I love it and get stuff all of the time. It is so fun to get things use them for a while and then a lot of times I repost them so I can get new free stuff.

Summer has been great due to lots of people moving - I got a coffee table, dresser, sofa table, recliner, and other household items and decor all for free.

Yvonne @ StoneGable

I have never heard of Freecycling. I'm heading over and seeing what I can find at their website! Oh my that beauty of an armoire found a a wonderful home. Love how you styled it!
Great punch of color too!

Alycia Nichols

This is an EXCELLENT tip!!! I have never heard of it, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to hustle right on over to the site and check it out. I hope there's something in our area! I have a lot of things that I would love to give, and I'm always on the hunt for fun new (well, new to ME, anyway!) stuff! You've also inspired me to consider painting the armoire in our family room. It's just a regular old brown. I'm not really good with a paintbrush, but I bet I can bribe...uh, manipulate...uh, goad, uh, blackmail, uh, CONVINCE my best friend to help me out! :-) GREAT tip!!!

Grace @ sense and simplicity

I've heard of Freecycle, but never been involved. I have to say I'm impressed. Your armoire is gorgeous. I love how you have styled it too.

Katie Mansfield

My Freecyle over here in Arlington, was e-mails all day of people asking for stuff. I did it for about 4 days and then I couldn't take it anymore and had to delete my account.
It sounds like yours is amazing!
So glad to see you on here. I've missed your posts, but I know you want to enjoy the precious time with your daughter.
Just don't do what I did. Mine went to UNT. I cried all day Sunday. Friday she was home for the weekend. :)


I love the concept of Freecycle. The city we live in has two Curbside Giveaway Weekends each year. I love it. Now people are catching on and will put something out at the end of their driveway with a free sign on it, even if it isn't the Curbside Giveaway weekend! Your armoire is beautiful, and I'm a "red girl" too! :)


That is just beautiful! I think you should leave it red. And what a great throw on it. It is just perfect. What did you do with the inside?


I have never heard of this organization! What a gorgeous armoir and how wonderful to pay it forward!

Art by Karena

2012 Artists Series

Athena at Minerva's Garden

Gorgeous--what a great find! I love how you decorated it as well.


Love the red armoire. An amazing free find. I also like the cute tassels on the knobs.


hello! I just came here via CLH tweak it tuesday... I love Freecycle and have gotten several things from there, as well as, gotten rid of things too! I live in the country...so the county I live in being so large...time is everything for us Freecyclers here.

I love your red armoir! It looks wonderful, you got a good thing going with Freecycle!


WOW she is a beauty!! I have never heard of this before. Love the pretty vignette on top too!


Hi, I just found you through Savvy Southern Style and I just love your blog.
This red armoire is fantastic and I love the vignette you've displayed on top.
I hope you have a lovely week.


It's a beauty!

Connie Bishop

The red armoire is great and you're going to enjoy it I'm sure. The top will provide a place for a frequently changed vingette. Tell us about that beautiful throw. It looks like red toile. Did you make it yourself?


I'm a huge fan of freecycle. I love your new red piece!


That's a pretty cool piece for free. Love it.

Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

What a great score! The freecycle in my area is not very active and I've never seen anything as awesome as this. I went to pick up a vintage wood ironing board and had to go up a sketchy driveway and no one ever answered the door!! I messaged the guy back and he said he would bring it to me if I gave him my address. Um...no! SCARY! I never messaged back. Just like Craigslist you have to be careful and use your best judgement. Kudos to your awesome find!


How cool is this? Love the vibrant RED!

Just signed up to be a follower and receive e-mails.

Enjoy your week


You are so lucky!!!!! I can't believe yougo that for free! I love the red....it is so rich looking.


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