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September 02, 2011


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Thank you for sharing farmhouse blogs. I love reading them and getting ideas. We have a small farm on 2 and a half acres with a small farm cottage. Love this life!


I Love Farmhouse Blogs..thanks for posting.


Hey girl, remember me~
It's been a long hot summer & I haven't been blogging much at all. Missed seeing your beautiful home tho. You actually have this cool shed on your property? What fun to fix it up. It would be a studio if it were mine, but a chicken coop would please my family more. Can't wait to see the transformation. Also, thanks for the links. Going to visit now. Lisa

Boho Farm and Home

Oh Andrea! YOU are so sweet! Thank you for having us on your list of favorite farmhouse blogs!

I LOVE the shed BTW! Adorable..please show us more!


Thanks for the blog love Andrea! I'm going to have so much fun visiting everyone on your list!

Lisa Sall

We have 10 acres I'd love to share with you! There's always so much to do (all be it fun,but too much some days! Love your little shed, that would be my hide out from all the work to be done Ha! You will love raising chickens as we do. Ours hang out all day and eat bugs, it's a chicken's and dog's life around here!!


Oh... I will check them out! I love them too. :)

Come by and say Hi! I'm having a giveaway.:)


Amy Kinser

Thanks for all the great blogs to check out. I will be heading there way.

Nice visiting with you as well.


Stuff and Nonsense

oh what fun

new posts to read
pretty pictures to peruse
and delightful bloggers to meet

thanks for the recommendations!


Jayme aka The Coop Keeper

Thank you SO much for such a wonderful review! I happened to look at my stats today, and found quite a few readers coming over from you - lo and behold I visit and see what lovely things you had to say. Thanks so much!

Ricki Jill Treleaven

The older I get, the more I want to live on a farm. Thanks for the links and I will check out these blogs soon!!!

Robin Keskitalo

Love it,farm house is one of my dream house and also be a vacation house,in Finland most of teh people are looking for dream house and to build a cottage on it,for me that is really a good idea to have 1 dream house as an rest house or vacation home.


Just found your great blog. I love farm houses also and just purchased a sweet and very small farm house. Down the road I will be adding posts to my blog all about my new project. It is fun to look at farmhouse blogs and watch renovations, restorations and transformations of the old farm house beauties.

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