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March 31, 2011


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Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours! I'm loving everything I see and I love toile! The red is so pretty.
I am your newest follower.


I love toile and never tire of it! Your bedroom is beautiful!


I love your toile!! And don' ask me where I read this because I do not remember, but I did read recently that toile is on of those things that just never goes out of style. Matter of fact, I just wall-papered (Oh yes, wallpaper, another out of style item lol) hubbies office in a hunt scene, but also considered to be a toile paper. I love it. I also love your busy bedroom. I am trying to tone down some here, but I still love busy, and I say what ever you like, go for it wheather it is considered in style or not! Now after all of this, I am a new follower, stop by and see me some time.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

I love toile...have it all over my house. So I don't think toile will ever be "out". It is a classic. Classics never go out of style, but all of the "trend setting" items will go out of stlye. We will still be here with our classic toile...


I, agree. Toile will never go out of style. It is classic and has staying power. Your space is lovely, Andrea. ~ Sarah

A Few Pennies

Beautiful! I agree fully with Penny--toile is a definite classic--so French and lovely; I have always decorated with touches of it and plan a re-do of my bedroom in tans/whites toiles. I love your room.


I don't think toile will ever go out of style, and RL is the king of style. It is a beautiful room - no reason to change. Sally

Brenda Kula

I just bought toile scrapbook paper today myself. Not going out at Hobby Lobby! Your bedroom is so beautiful and filled with light. Mine does not have ONE window in it. Wake up in a dungeon.


I just love it. It is exactly like I'd do my bedroom if I were redoing. I have red toile throw pillows and lamp shades in there and would love to add the inviting mix of fabrics like you have. Don't change a thing. I like the afghan too. Recently got two from my Grandma's estate and put them out. Hubby calls me old. I say whatever makes one smile is worth the "old" cracks. Anyway, I'm sure those are going to be back in vogue very soon too.


I love your bedroom. Who cares about trends, the classic looks will always be in style. If it makes you feel good then that is all that matters!



I personally put that same red and white toile in my dining room 10 years ago. Many things have changed but not that. I think it has definite staying power.

Amanda Bachelder

Visiting from Show and Tell and My Romantic home and it's so nice to meet you! I am your newest follower! Your room is so beautiful, warm and inviting! I have a bit of purple toile in my bedroom mixed with lots of florals and I have to agree with you...toile will never be "out!"
I believe that today's style is whatever suites you best and makes you feel at home!
Best Wishes and Blessings,


Toile will never go out of style...I love it. I use the same red toile in my dining room. Your bedroom is beautiful! So glad I found your blog.
Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage


Toile is beautiful and will never go out of fashion! Love your bedroom, beautiful!!!


Toile is classic and classic is always in style. Your room is beautiful.


Toile is awsome, especially red toile!!


Beautiful bedroom! No wonder you never tire of it *winks* And whoever says 'toile is out?" is silly silly silly! Toile hasn't been "out" since its inception....Never will go out either. Vanna


Still a very beautiful room! I love that RL pattern. He's so IT!!


I still love toile. It's a classic. It might not be the hot thing at the moment but in my opinion when done right....it never goes out of style. I posted a photo today on my blog that had some fabulous pink toile in it. You should take a look.


Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes

I will never understand why people say toile is out. Isn't that supposed to be a classic? Really it's just the designers needing to sell, so they came up with a new trend. My guess is more people than not will still love their toile patterns. Yours is very pretty and I love the way you mixed and matched the fabrics, so nothing is overdone.


Certain styles transcend fads to become classic and timeless. Toiles definitely fall into that category. So do animal prints. Last time I checked, animal prints have been in style since we lived in caves!

And I'm not so sure that we might not start seeing a resurgence of toiles. The issue of House Beautiful that was devoted to the color pink featured a wonderful home that had marvelous vintage red toile. I have also seen red toiles in other places.

Meanwhile, I think your bedroom is so delightful! I can see why it brings you such great joy!

P.S. I grew up in Dallas and was an avid fan of Room Service. I did not know that Ann had closed it. Any idea what she is up to now?

Ricki Jill Treleaven

I love toile. I have it in my master bedroom, powder room, kitchen, and I have tons of toile table linens. :D

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here

Hi Andrea, I love toile and I love your bedroom! The room would make me smile every time I walked in to it. I have red toile in the master bedroom and black and white toile in my guest room. My toile is not going anywhere! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room at my party.


Oh, your bedroom is gorgeous and I too love those pretty toile draperies! OH, you're the most famous one! You were in the magazine! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Gorgeous Andrea! I love it!! Martina


Toile is a classic, just like damask and stripes....loved your fabrics!



Pamela Massey

Your bedroom is gorgeous!
I have this red toile on two matching chairs...I just love it!
I am crazy for toile of any colour!

Pamela :)


love it!! I still can't figure out if I should go all out on my black and white toile idea for our new Master??? But, I'm sure I'd love it forever if I do it. lol


I love toile, in fact I was thinking of putting curtains in my breakfast room that are black and cream toile. I read on someones blog that it was out of style, and decided I'd just have to be "out" because I have loved it for years and will continue to do it!!


Your room is so beautiful!! The toile looks fabulous. :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expression

Your bedroom is gorgeous, Andrea! I can't think toile will ever go out of style; it's been around so long. I think maybe it sometimes takes a backseat to other fabrics, but it's always there. I love toile myself - every color really. Great armoire, too. It goes so well in your room.

Connie Bishop

No wonder your bedroom made front page news. It's fabulous. When we decorate for the heart it's never "out of style". Whose style, anyway?

Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

Hasn't toile been around for a few centuries? I think so, and I do love yours. I'm like you. I choose things because I like them, not because they are trendy. I found your blog today at At the Picket Fence and I'm now a follower. We live in a small cottage, too. I love your wardrobe. I have a cabinet in my bedroom to keep similar items in because we have only 1 closet in the entire house! I'd love it if you visited me and followed me as well.


I love toille and think your bedroom is beautiful. I'm going to redo our bedroom this fall and you have given me some good ideas.


Oh you KNOW I am loving this Andrea!! Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE toile!! I have it all all over the walls in my master bathroom and love to add a bit of toile anywhere I can! Congrats on your room in the paper- how exciting!! Thanks for sharing at FNF!

mary beth

I'm not going to let toile go out of style anytime soon! I love it every time I see it and even though I don't use it much around my house, I am always drawn to it. What I do wish would go out of style is BURLAP! Smelly, scratchy, dull! Give me the soft sweet toile any day!


I love this! It's everything I would love in a bedroom. I'm copying this link to save in my inspiration file.


Toile "out"??? No way, not ever! Only things that are trendy can go out of style and toile is definitely not some passing trend. Your use of it is so warm and so cozy that it immediately brought a smile to my face. :-) Thank you so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!


I LOVE this room! I am a toile fiend too. It's a rarely new fixation for me (abt 3 years now) but I just can't get enough of it.

Janie Lane
Romantic Domestic


I will love my toile until the end of my days. Toile is simply classic. My mom had toile curtains when I was a little girl and I have a bedroom swathed in toile as a big girl. I think it's wonderful to like what we like and not be swayed by trends. Your room is gorgeous and the perfect cozy mix.I like your style.



I love your toile bedroom! I don't think it ever goes out of style. A classic for sure. I love the way you have mixed the patterns and colors. Just a beautiful inviting bedroom. Thanks for linking it up!


Hi Andrea!
I'm new to your blog and I have to tell you... I love your toile! I think it's just charming and the red is perfectly warm and delightful!
That would be a great color for the inside of that wonderful old cabinet too! My mil has a rasberry red painted inside her kitchen cabinets to match her dinner ware and it's wonderful! I will be following you now...I love a gal who doesn't give a care to whats in or out... your home and garden are lovely.. yep a blog after my own heart...


Oh be still my heart! I LOVE your beautiful bedroom. If toile has (once again) gone out of style, I am SOOOO out of style, but that's never bothered me. Your bedroom is heaven. It's no wonder it was featured in a publication. I am so glad you linked it to Favorite Things. laurie


I love the Toile and your room is "sublime"!


Hello, I love your toile room. I have one of my own and agree with several others it is classic. In fact I beleive that in Elle Decor this month there is a black and white toile room pictures. I wonder if anyone told them toile was out? Classic design is never out.

Valerie @favoritestopsalongtheway

I love your toile bedroom, as I have a thing for it myself. You did a wonderful job.


I agree, the toile is beautiful. My guest room is red , with the red and cream waverly toile aswell. Theres a pic on the home tour. Stop by if ya get a chance, Bonnie


Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! Toile is timeless - my heart loved this -

Glenda Childers

Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
Thanks for the tour.


Gg - Notes on the Journey
#3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

Andy Porter

I'm a toile lover:) Thanks so much for showing us your beautiful room! How perfect that it ended up in a magazine! Such gorgeous attention to detail!

Thanks so much for the tour!
Poppies at Play


Toile will never, ever go out for me...or that is how I feel...and expect to feel for a very long time.
Your drapes...and your bedroom are fantastic!!

Diane Hinnant

Hi, Andrea:

Just discovered your blog today (via Savvy Southern Style) and have signed up to be able to enjoy it daily. I, too, love toile, but wanted to also thank you for a sweet memory. Long ago, I had that charming little daisy throw ... can't remember who made it for me
Sadly, that was in the day when I wasn't a sentimental old fool as I am now, and I must have discarded it. Seeing it here today brought a smile to my face. Thanks for the memory!


I have been looking for a bedroom to model after I painted mine. I love shabby but I wanted the warmth of color, I found inspiration in your room Thanks...


Toile was in style in my Grandmothers day too. Just shows it never goes out of style. I love your bedroom! so warm and cheery. Where did you get your linens?

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Opulent Cottage: Still Lovin' My Toile


Love your Toile AND the Ralph Lauren bedding. I saw your comforter and thought, that is just like mine. I love it!

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