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June 15, 2010


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Hi Andrea! Lucky girl - love your book and the beautiful tea towel.

I just looked out and saw my daylilies blooming too. I love summer. :)

Kim Nichols

Beautiful daylilies. I don't know the name of those. I love the piece you are using for the trellis. Much better than buying one. I will have to check out that book.

Cindy @ Applestone Cottage

Your daylilies are outstanding!
How cool you got them from cuttings too.
I love your trellis and congrats on the book, very cool!


oh, I am so thrilled to have you at my party! I love the day lillies, are they tiger lillies? That trellis(screen protector) is perfect, with its curly lines. And yes, I'd say a flower that dies and comes back a new color is definitely had a Prior Life, lol. Your yard looks great. We had lamb's ear at our school, when I worked with four year olds, they loved to touch it. I did too. Thanks for coming to my party. I love seeing and hearing everyone's stories. Lezlee

Jain Moon

nothing says cheerful like a big bright daylily!

sandy cookman

It was fun seeing the prize I sent on your blog. Thanks for posting it. And I LOVE your Day Lillies! Beautiful! sandy

Joyce M

Your daylilies are beautiful!
Joyce M


Your daylilies are beautiful indeed... and you can expect them to multiply year after year! I love that old door fanciwork. You've done an excellent job of putting everything together, love, love, love the look! Oh yeah. I found you through Prior's party!


Andrea, what a pretty garden, and I love how you repurposed the iron piece from the door! Your day lilies are lovely, too. And congrats on winning... what a neat gift!

St. Augustine is really a very unique little city, and I we used to visit there a lot before buying a place. It always makes me happy to go there, and our kitchen window looks out over an historic site which makes it all the better. I'm assuming your boyfriend went to Flagler. I was telling my husband if I had known about it years ago, I would have been there, too! It was a well kept secret back then.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


Sheila :-)


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The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love the iron scrolly piece with the vines drapped all around it!! Those are beautiful daylillies (I have a few of those)! Enjoy the book, it looks like a good one!



Your daylillies are so pretty! Mine have all faded.

Brenda Kula

You gave a book and then you received a book! Seems fair to me. I bought a honeysuckle plant early in the spring. It took off, then died back, and I think it's coming back a little. Fickle things they are!


Very pretty. I love lillies and have a lot blooming right now.

I love the trellis.

Shannon Olson

so nice, It is cloudy and stormy here today, hope we don't get hail all the plants looks so pretty hate for them to be ruined.
Your lillys are great, so is the door piece!

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