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August 20, 2009


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Lilly B

Beautiful!!!!! We are both doing Blue today!!!

Linda Queen

It turned out beautifully!
Love the candy and shells in the shell dishes, darling idea.
Linda Q


Haha...the stuff we go through to get good photos for our blogs!!! I could totally relate! Your table looks so beautiful and now I'm craving some salt water taffy!

Pearl Maple

Well done!
You and the candles might have been melting but it is an ever so pretty result. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Jeannine Wayman

Lovely table. I like how you entwined the shell necklaces around the candles. Wish I could join you!


I love the story that goes with this tablescape! Now we know what stylists go through to get the beautiful end products. Sawdust, oh my!


Gosh it all looks so refreshing -- I would have never guessed that you were trying to beat a melt down!


Your table setting is beautiful, but your commentary that accompanies it is what puts this post over the top!

What fun (and what a relief) to learn that others struggle with lighting, falling/flying objects, forgetting to include things. It's an adventure, isn't it? I had a fly land on a lemon slice perched on the edge of a glass, just as I snapped an outdoor photo. I decided to leave it in the post ... and had several fun comments on it.


I don't mean to say what happened is funny in any way, it's the way you tell it!! But everything turned out beautiful!! I love the blue and you can really tell there is a breeze which is the feeling you were going for, right?

Well done!!



It all turned out great and looks simply wonderful there by the pool. Cute candy, and how fun to put them in the shells! :D


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