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July 27, 2009


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Born and raised in Dallas and I never remember seeing those. Once when I was pretty young, I remember a parrot flying up in our yard. My mom thought it was somebody's pet that was lose. Maybe it wasn't! I will have to send her your link. I just love birds!


Don't think I have ever seen any wild ones here. They are pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Lori E

What an odd looking bird while in flight. Like a torpedo with wings. Very interesting. Your tea towel is precious.


Gorgeous parrots! I know how it is to try to get photographs of them though.....same thing happend to me when I tried to get shots of a pair in our neighbor's tree. They just blend in! Oh and I love the tea towel. What a find. :)


Cute post. I had no idea that of all the things that Brooklyn might have had was parrots. You learn something new every day. This is absolutely beautiful. In your own yard no doubt. I have seen a few wild parrots out here in Phoenix, but just didn't know that they lived in Brooklyn too. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry


oh my goodness, LOVE that parrot embroidery, so cute!! When I lived in Miami, these parrots were all over the place, they flew in huge flocks. I'm a big time birder and I love seeing bird photos. Thanks!


Lovely shots and awesome!
Happy outdoor.


Awesome photos of parrots. Nice job. ta ta for now.
Joyce M


How interesting! I didn't know we had parrots in the states...are you in Texas?
I would love to have a flock come pay us a visit. Really a neat post! Thanks!!

Happy OW!!


Fascinating information in your post. I loved the photos of the parrots and -yes -I was able to see the one in your tree after my grandson found it for me.


Cool! We knew that they were in San Marcos (Hubs went to school there) but had no idea that they were this close as well. Thanks for a fun post! :D

yapping cat


I agree. From reading your blog I think we're a lot alike...Wish those parrots would come visit me...that’s so cool. Also love the embroidered tea towel...My great grandmother would create things very similar…sweet memories! Thanks so much for sharing...I’ll be back...In my head I said that like Arnold Schwarzenegger...Much peace to you. Megan aka BertsCannery

Process Analysis,Brisbane

wow... wat a shot...! i just got it.. thank youuuuuuuu so much...


I had no idea there were parrots anywhere in the U.S.!! How beautiful they are, I wish we had them here.

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