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July 25, 2009


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jen R Sanctuary arts at home

I love this! It looks wonderful! What a great space!


WOW! Everything looks beautiful! Great job!!! You got a great deal!

Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors

Very pretty! Looks like a really tranquil place to sit.



Absolutely beautiful!!!

karla nathan

How inviting!


What a beautiful re-do! You've inspired me to look for the paint & re-do some little rusted metal snack tables just rusting away in the back yard. ☺ Diane


Everything looks fantastic! It's amazing what paint can do :)



I love it! What a heavenly retreat. I'm also glad to hear that the Ultra Cover paint really works...I saw a commercial for it & wondered.


LOVE paint. The cheapest way to redecorate for the most amazing results! :D

Looks awesome.

yapping cat


What an inspiring post. I have some old iron furniture languishing in our back yard that I'm now looking forward to painting!

dining tables

You just made your patio a haven! I love the transformation that you did! It is really one awesome furniture.

Solid Oaks Table

Lovely... Thanks a lot for sharing such helpful and cool tips in here. It's definitely worth the read!

jewelry making

This one is lovely. Lovely to use and lovely to read. Everything here is lovely.

Sean Carter

that is one very nice look! I also like to have some plastic stacking chairs for my patio. It is always nice to have some place for guests to sit whenever I am having a larger party at my place. I found some that are both comfortable and durable!


That is amazing what some paint can do to make the furniture look like new or better.
I really like the table and the design on it , so neat
Thanks for sharing


What a great idea! I love refinishing furniture or wood to reuse it and make it look better. I try to do that as much as possible with what I have to save money for other things. Since my backyard had to be redone, I just refinished all of the furniture, and used my saved money to buy some new shade awnings, which are awesome!


I love the way how you manage your stuff, instead of buying new ones you choose to re use them and gave them some makeover which makes them more elegant.

Outdoor Living

I love looking at before and after projects. Makes a great difference and most likely feels like new furniture. Great post!

Holly James

I'm really loving this patio furniture! I just moved into new home and I am working on fixing up the backyard! I think that getting cute patio furniture like this will achieve the look that I am going for!
Holly James | http://www.patiogalleryofnaples.com/


We just had our patio put in with all of the furniture. The next thing that we want to do is get the deck waterproofed. That way it will last longer in the storms. http://www.deckem.com

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